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Lawn Care Tips for NE Ohio

The greater Cleveland, Ohio area has a unique climate with a great deal of winter snow, so soil is typically saturated in early spring.  As the weather and temperature changes and perennials start to bloom there is a brief window of time to complete your spring yard clean up and prepare for lawn mowing, weeding, mulching, and landscape design projects.

M2 Lawn Service is accepting new clients and looking forward to assisting homeowners with their lawn chores.

There are many folks that have attempted to maintain their own lawns for years...but recognize the benefits of hiring professionals with the right equipment so they can delegate lawn and yard maintenance and focus on their family, career, and enjoyment of their leisure time.

Lawn Care Tips for NE Ohio

Fall is the best season for lawn grass and root system growth due to temperature, sunlight, and seasonal rainfall in Northeast Ohio.

The lawn grass plants develop solid root and shoot development in the fall.  

Fertilization is used to improve the root system and bolsters your grass for a full green color. 

For best results the chemical treatments should be left to a trusted lawn care professional to avoid damage to your lawn from misapplication or mixtures.

M2 Lawn - Landscaping, LLC  promotes at least two fall applications of fertilizer in September and October.   We use Lesco products among others and like the slow release type in case rain or watering is limited to prevent burn areas..

Seeding your grass:

M2 Lawn Service in Geauga County and Lake County Ohio can provide you with grass seeding applications that suit your soil composition and sunlight requirements for best results.

Our professional Lawn Service staff will prepare the soil and install seed manually or with a lawn aerator for larger grass lawn installations.

We use only top quality grass seed suitable for NEO lawns to blend with your current grass.  We use recommended seeding rates in our grass spreaders and may overseed if needed.   We also don't apply any weed killers during germination period after seeding.

Cutting the grass - mowing tips:

Like most things in life...there is art and science.

The art is to provide a clean fresh cut lawn without ruts or grass piles and the science is to mow at the proper height, frequency, and pattern to allow the grass to grow optimally.

There is large debate on the best grass height.

M2 Lawn Service cuts grass and mow lawns at heights that allow for reasonable sunlight to reach the root and soil without requiring excessive watering, so that sometimes means seasonal adjustments to grass mowing height and frequency. 

Our contracted M2 Lawn Service clients receive weekly lawn cutting for a consistent healthy looking manicured lawn. We vary cutting direction at intervals to avoid ruts in your lawn.

Fall yard clean up is another important aspect for lawn health.  Leaf removal and final grass cut will set your lawn for winter hibernation and then spring growth.

Winter salting of the driveway and careless plowing can cause lawn damage too. 

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M2 Lawn Service Community:     

Geauga County & Lake County

M2 lawn service and landscaping is embedded in the Geauga County and Lake County community where we  live, work, and support youth athletics. 

We are pleased to provide links to these youth programs which we have had a direct influence.

Our founder was an all-America athlete in college and gained countless benefits from participating in youth sports as an athlete and coach at Yale University. 

Chardon Soccer Club

Recreation Soccer and Travel level youth soccer club for boys and girls in Chardon, Hambden, Concord, and neighboring towns..

TSi Premier youth soccer club :

TSi is a premier level youth soccer club for boys and girls from all over NE Ohio with most players from Chardon, Chagrin, Chesterland, Concord, Mentor, Madison, Newbury, Painesville, Perry, Riverside, Russell, West Geauga, and Willoughby.

The Soccer Institute :

The Soccer Institute was founded by Mark Mallon to provide youth soccer winter skills training and summer camps for boys and girls of all ability levels that enjoy soccer and the benefits of fitness and skill development.